The core of Cruises offers a powerful structure to manage your core business needs, which can then be complimented cafeteria style via a series of optional modules. Pay only for the software that you need, again, based on an unlimited number of users. Contact us for more information and a personalized demo!

The core of Cruises includes all of the functions you'll need to manage reservations. Below is a sample of just some of the many features that are available:

  • Scheduling
  • Charter Management
  • Public cruises
  • Deck charters
  • Multiple boats
  • Reports, such as manifests and schedules
  • Financial reporting
  • "As of date" reporting
  • Unlimited user defined documents (such as contracts)
  • Ability to print and email reports and documents
  • Customized pricing
  • Balancing by reservationist
  • Cash drawer reconciliation
  • Multiple pament methods (cash, coupon, etc.) in one transaction
  • Payment reversals
  • Unlimited history of every transaction
  • Automatic repeat customer tracking
  • Ticketing - printed and e-tickets
  • Wait lists
  • Unlimited special services
  • Seat and table assignments
  • Reservation transfers
  • Round trips
  • Unlimited notes
  • Gift certificates
  • Future credits
  • Trades
  • Souvenir sales (bar coded)
  • On-board sales reconciliation and revenue reporting
  • Bar sales reconciliation and revenue reporting
  • Search customers by name, check or credit card numbers, confirmation numbers, deposit amounts, and email addresses
  • Customer information files for repeat customers
  • Target marketing letters, labels, and export files
  • Management information
  • Thorough error checking
  • Documentation
  • On-screen help
  • Automatic backups
  • User defined security
  • PCI compliant proprietary encryption of credit card information
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Test system available for training and trying out new ideas

Additional modules can be added to the core system depending on your needs.

Online Credit Card Authorization

Allows for PCI Compliant processing of credit cards over the web. Supports multiple Merchant Accounts based on Vessel, Schedule Types, Swiped (Retail) vs. Phone-In (Mail Order) to insure the best discount rate possible.

Email Pro

The Email Pro module allows you to send your own mass and automatic emails and text messages including confirmations, deposit reminders, event reminders and web alerts.

Central Billing (for repeat customers)

This module provides invoice statements over time with balance forward and allows for payments to be applied and tracked to particular invoices.

Outside Events

Manages events run by other outside companies, such as carriage rides.  Amongst its features are special ticketing and commissions earned. Sold independently or added to cruise reservation.

Gift Cards

Allows Gift Cards to be sold and used in the office. Supports third party vendors such as Payment Tech and VTEC as well as more economical "TJ" Gift Card.

Prepaid Coupons

Supports coupon merchants such as Groupon and Living Social. Automatic import of coupons sold into "Cruises" and the usage tracked. Proper tracking of your liability for accounting purposes. Can be used to pay over the web. No phone calls. No updating of coupon merchant files required.

Inventory System

Maintains counts for on-hand, sold, on order utilizing par values, physical counts and real time sales. Purchase orders for any number of vendors.

Time Clock

Schedule and track employee's time. Uniquely integrated with reservations, giving it real-time access to the schedule of events, with current inventory, and individual reservations that may have special requirements, all of which affect how employees are scheduled.

Homeland Security

Records and reports data for each passenger as required by Homeland Security for events involving international travel. Secure check-in and transmission of manifest to Homeland Security.

Database File Monitor

The "Monitor" module allows the ultimate real-time backup of reservations as they are being booked. Provides an up to the second backup of the files should problems occur with the main set of files either from hardware failures, physical damage or theft.

The Web Module opens the Internet to many profitable and productive opportunities. Some of the many features available to you in this module include:

  • Reservations may be booked via the web directly into the system just as if
    they had been booked by a reservationist in the office, that is, the credit
    card is processed and current inventories are immediately accessed and updated.
  • Special services and packages, such as window seats, cakes, etc. can be added
    on by the customer as part of the booking.
  • Supports various discounts and promotions.
  • Optional links into this web module allows for bookings to be tailored to
    specific cruise types or specfic events, booked by individuals from their PC or
    mobile devices such as I-Phones. Preauthorized agents such as concierges,
    bus companies, resorts, etc. can make their own secure bookings.
  • Accepts payments (deposits) via credit card for existing reservations at any
    time. Automatic link to reservation provided as part of emailed deposit
    reminders or other documents.
  • Customer can status confirmation information at any time as well as view
    appropriate documents (proposals, contracts, etc).
  • Additional web pages allows you to develop on-line contact form(s) that your
    customers can fill out related to having someone contact them regarding a
    general question or automatically signing up for special mailing lists
    and clubs.

Additional web based modules are offered based on your needs.

Web Charters

Allows bookings to be made by the customer into special control cruises and automatic follow-ups generated for the appropriate sales rep for final disposition.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be sold via the web and used to pay for web baesd reservations.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be sold via the web and used for to pay for web based reservations. The customer can also status their current balance at any time.


Provide a convenient way to follow-up with customer's via surveys (comment cards, special surveys, etc) after their event to obtain feed-back related to their experience.

Season Passes

Season passes can be sold and used to pay for web based reservations.

One set fee covers all of your support, regardless of how many users, stations, or locations you have. Why pay more just because you have five users versus fifty?

Annual Maintenance

This package provides important on-going support and enhancements, including:

  • Periodic Updates
  • Toll-free phone support - 24/7/365
  • Special programming available

On-site Support

TJ Software can come to your business for installation and support. A new installation typically requires six days of on-site installation and training.

Specialized Hardware and Tickets

You can purchase the following hardware and ticketing materials through TJ Software:

  • High-speed thermal ticket printers
  • Thermal tickets
  • Credit card scanners
  • Passport scanners
  • Cash drawers
  • Receipt printers
  • Bar code readers
  • Web servers
TJ Software will help you install these items and they are all guaranteed to work with all of TJ Software's products.